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Laketime Luxuries

Love Your Leisure Time

Do you ever wish you could come to Grand Lake and just RELAX. Laketime Luxuries Grand Lake

Laketime Luxuries is one business ran by two full time Grand Lakers. We focus on products and services that enhance your “already too short” stay so you can truly Love Your Leisure Time!

Call Laketime Luxuries today…Scott at (918) 812-8486 or Lisa at (918) 848-0219

Among our products and services:

  • Scott’s Mist’em Systems – Featuring the automated ‘Spider Be Gone’ system
  • Sink & Swim Dock Stairs – Floating dock steps designed to make it easier for you, your family, and your dogs to get into and out of Grand Lake
  • Scenic Shade Solutions – Motorized and retractable screens, shades and awnings
  • Lakehouse Prep & Check – Want to be stocked up on groceries and know everything is ready when you get to the lake – we can help!
  • Power Washing – Keep that home, dock and property clean with our power washing services
  • Nightscaping – Boat and Dock underwater lighting to light up your night!
  • Light Up The Night – Natural gas tiki torches to keep the bugs away and let you enjoy those Grand Lake evenings!
  • Boat & Home Window Tinting – Tint those windows on your lakefront home or your boat to keep you comfortable and lower the sun damage.
  • Dock Bumpers & Accessories – Need new bumpers for your dock, maybe a storage box. We can get you taken care of…all the way through installation!

Your time at Grand Lake should be special and spent enjoying your days on the water and enjoying your friends and family.

It should NOT be spent working and doing chores that keep you from enjoying your Grand Lake home.

And that’s why we do what we do…so you can enjoy your Grand Lake experience the way you want to, instead of the way you need to.

So give us a call today – Scott at (918) 812-8486 or Lisa at (918) 848-0219 and relax and Love Your Leisure Time at Grand Lake!