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Sink & Swim Dock Stairs

Are you ready to be able to ‘Love Your Leisure Time’ at Grand Lake even more than you already do? Is it getting harder for you or members of your family to get into and out of Grand Lake from your dock?

We are excited to introduce Sink & Swim Floating Dock Steps for your Grand Lake dock! Call Scott right now at (918) 812-8486 to learn more.

Check out this quick video then keep reading below…

The Floating Dock Steps are designed to give people of all ages and sizes and health easy access to the waters of Grand Lake. These steps are a perfect addition to enhance your family’s leisure time while enjoying Grand Lake.

We all know that a standard dock ladder puts a tremendous amount of strain on a person’s body as they try to pull up the vertical incline and onto your dock. Unfortunately, there are still many people who love getting into the water but just can’t do it anymore because of the difficulty of getting into, and then back out of, the water.

The Sink & Swim Floating Dock Steps fix that problem and make getting in and out of Grand Lake as easy as walking up and down a small set of stairs. With your own private dock being one of the big draws of Grand Lake, it just makes sense to make it easier for more people to enjoy the water on those hot Oklahoma summer afternoons.

The gradual slope out of the water and dual reinforced hand rails make Floating Dock Steps the safest and easiest way for anyone and everyone to get in and out of Grand Lake.

To use the Floating Dock Steps all you do is simply walk out onto the steps from your dock and as they submerge you insert the stabilizer locking pin into the reinforced steel connecting arm and the steps are submerged and ready to use. When you are finished for the day, you just remove that same locking pin, and the stairs will rise to the top of the water and float until time for the next use.

Since the heavy duty steel steps spend most of their time out of the water, while not taking up valuable dock space, they remain free of the algae buildup and corrosion that accumulates on so many dock ladders.

  • Perfect for kids of all ages!
  • A great way for dogs of all sizes to get back onto your dock
  • Hold up to 1,500 pounds
  • No lifting required
  • Can be mounted on any type of dock

Call Scott today at (918) 812-8486 to find out how you can get these affordable and durable Sink & Swim Floating Dock Steps installed on your Grand Lake dock.


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