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Grand Lake Oklahoma spider control

Are you tired of arriving to your lake house only to find a half a days work in de-webbing and cleaning up spider droppings? Worry no more…we have the solution! Call Scott today at 918-812-8486.

Mist’em Systems offers Grand Lake homeowners and businesses the Spider Be Gone Automated Misting System.

The Spider Be Gone system is an automated misting system that is used to control spider webs, mud daubers and wasps around your Grand Lake home.

This automated system is designed to automatically spray a biodegradable insecticide mist at the most effective time of the day and night. Our automated system is programmable to spray around the schedule YOU like!

As the system is working, the mist is moved around your home by the wind and air movement. This ensures that the Spider Be Gone misting system gets to all those places that spiders and other Grand Lake flying insects like to call home.

Spider B Gone Automated Misting System Grand Lake

Mist’em Systems provides you the peace of mind you deserve when you come to your Grand Lake property. You shouldn’t have to worry about spiders or spending your time cleaning up the mess they make. After all…lake time should be Leisure Time!

Mist’em Systems is a local company, run by Scott Vickers, and wife Lisa. We are full time Grand Lake residents, and are dedicated to serving the Grand Lake area with superior customer service. Since we love boating too, we will gladly take care of you needs by water whenever possible!

Call Scott at 918-812-8486 for a free quote on having your system installed today.

Also, jump on board with our referral program! Reward yourself with one free refill for every name that leads to a system installation!

Do yourself and your family a favor and call Scott today. Not only do you get the peace of mind of knowing that your Grand Lake spider problem is under control, but you also can rest easy knowing you are doing your part in supporting a local business…and they want to make sure you can Love Your Leisure Time!

Spider Be Gone Grand Lake